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This astrological sign would be the funniest

This astrological sign would be the funniest

With him, you never get bored. Among the twelve signs of the zodiac, there is one that has a real gift to make those around him laugh: the sign of Gemini. When these natives are around, the great laughs are linked.

Indeed, people born between May 21 and June 21 know “very well to play with words”, explains astrocoach Nathalie Marcot.

This Air sign, the element of communication, likes to “play the clown to entertain the gallery”. Not to mention that it is ruled by Mercury, a planet that symbolizes exchange, speech, and language.

“Everything is spontaneous and natural”

This is why Gemini are generally “very comfortable speaking”, continues the specialist, who holds a chain. Youtube. Very curious, they “are interested in a lot of things, but suddenly, they are not always very focused”.

So, in some situations, they can even forget the first names and rename you, which is often a source of giggles. This sign is a big kid who is known to be “head in the air” and multiply clumsiness and blunders.

Geminis are good comedians, but with them nothing is prepared, “everything is spontaneous and natural”.

closely followed by Sagittarius

They therefore do not “know how to tell jokes very well and do not master falls well”, unlike Sagittarius. Telling funny stories is indeed the specialty of this Fire sign, led by Jupiter, “the planet of optimism and joy of life”.

These natives are for example able “to get up in the middle of a meal to tell a joke and make everyone laugh”, adds Nathalie Marcot, also. “Expert in inner connection and couple relationship”.

With Sagittarius “it’s more theatrical and thoughtful. He voluntarily puts himself on the scene ”. He is “a bon vivant, who likes to go out, meet new people, and have a court,” analyzes the astrocoach.

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