This app tells you if your Android smartphone is water resistant

Water-resistance is a very important feature for some consumers when looking for a new smartphone. But this is usually a priority reserved only for more expensive equipment.

In 2021, it is even possible to find mid-range water-resistant smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G (IP67). And even more modest devices like the Xiaomi POCO X3 NFC/POCO X3 Pro have splash resistance (IP53).

The easiest way to tell if a piece of equipment is indeed water-resistant is to put it in that state. But what if there was an app that promised to test your smartphone’s water resistance without endangering it?

At first glance, we would say this looks like something questionable. But the Ray W program created the “Water Resistance Tester” app. In practice, this uses your smartphone’s barometer to measure pressure levels.

“This app will help you test if the IP67/IP68 certification is still intact on your smartphone, using the built-in barometer. Please note that any waterproofness can be compromised by drops and aging of the device – keep your smartphone away from any liquid”, one can read in the description of the application available on the Google Play Store.

The app will ask you to place your thumbs on the display, giving you an idea of ​​how much pressure your device can take. And then you can figure out, without big gimmicks, if the water resistance is still intact.

The app is free and you can safely download it from the Google Play Store. Anyway, even if this one tells you that everything is still fine, we do not recommend putting your smartphone in the water.

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Download the “Water Resistance Tester” app from Google Play Store

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