This actor was also left alone after three marriages, a brilliant actor who, however, did not receive the crown of superstardom

There are many actors in Bollywood who have made fans crazy with their acting. Its simplicity had left its mark on people. Vinod was one of the chocolate boys of Bollywood at that time. Chocolate actors have always been popular in Bollywood. Vinod Mehra has always been in the headlines both professionally and personally. Vinod Mehra had married thrice but this actor still remained single. Vinod Mehra’s acting was excellent, but he still never managed to secure the superstar crown. Let us tell you some unheard things related to Vinod on his birthday. Which you may hardly know anything about.

Vinod Mehra had acted in more than 100 films in his film career. His acting was always praised, but the actor never got leading roles. Vinod’s film career was very short but even after that he acted in many superhit films. Vinod Mehra deserved to be a superstar but he never got that title.

Vinod Mehra had made many successful films in the 70s. Everyone became a fan of his acting. The directors wanted to cast him in their films, but he was always offered the role of the second leading actor. He deserves the lead role in these films. Since he always got the second lead role, he was never able to achieve the superstar crown.

Vinod Mehra’s love life has never been good. He had married three times. Still, there was a lack of love in his life. Vinod’s first marriage was to intended mother Meena Broka. Some time after his marriage to Meena, Vinod fell in love with actress Bindiya Goswami. He also married Bindiya, who was 16 years his junior, but this marriage did not last long and they separated after 4 years. After his marriage with Bindiya ended, Vinod married Kiran. Vinod and Kiran also have two children.

If reports are to be believed, Vinod and Rekha got married quietly in Kolkata. Vinod’s mother didn’t like Rekha and their relationship. When Vinod first brought Rekha home, he misbehaved very badly. When Rekha tried to touch his feet, he pushed her away. After that, Rekha went back to her house. Rekha later rejected this marriage.

We tell you that Vinod Mehra died on October 30, 1990 at the age of 45 due to a heart attack.

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