This actor insulted every superstar, history is full of interesting stories

“We only ask the question once and our ears cannot hear no.” When we listen, fire pours out of our ears. “We also have land in Rajasthan and landlords of your status come to greet us every morning.” Both dialogues only suit Rajkumar. Rajkumar is that Bollywood actor whose attitude is exactly the same in the role and in real life. His stories are not just one, but thousands and each story is interesting in its own right.

Let’s talk about some of those special stories of Rajkumar where his style was exactly the same as you might have seen in films like Tiranga and Saudagar. Rajkumar was the only actor of his kind. His style of speaking, walking and talking remained the same in films and in the outside world. The time when the world was crazy about big superstars like Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan. Even then, Rajkumar had hurt her with his mocking tone.

You must have heard many stories related to the film Zanjeer that it was rejected by actors like Dharmendra and Devanand and this film gave recognition to Amitabh Bachchan as an angry young man. But do you know that the director of the film had also approached Rajkumar with the script of Zanjeer and Rajkumar had rejected the film? The reason was very strange. In fact, Rajkumar had refused to make the film only because he didn’t like the smell of jasmine oil applied on director Prakash Mehra’s head.

During a party, Amitabh Bachchan appeared in a beautiful suit. Rajkumar was also present at this party. Rajkumar praised Amitabh’s suit. Amitabh then wanted to give the address of the place from where he got the suit made. The prince had already said: “Actually, we had to have some curtains sewn.” We really liked the fabric of your suit, we would like to make the curtains of our house like that.

While sharing his experience of working with Rajkumar, Mukesh Khanna shared an incident during the shooting of a film. He told that actors like Dharmendra and Jitendra also worked in the film. When Mukesh Khanna entered the set, he looked at everyone and said, “Honey, you have gathered a lot of juniors.” Hearing this, the director remained silent.

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Two stories of Rajkumar and Govinda are quite famous. Both of them worked together in the film Jangbaaz. Govinda is a good dancer so Rajkumar praised him. When Govinda was happy about it, the prince also undressed him. He said, “Give the heroine a chance to dance sometime too, man.” Furthermore, Rajkumar also praised Govinda’s shirt during this film. Happy Govinda immediately went to the make-up room, changed his shirt and gifted him the same shirt. Govinda felt that Rajkumar would like this shirt. But what the prince did left Govinda speechless. After a few days, he was seen using the handkerchief made from the same shirt. When Govinda saw him wiping his nose with the handkerchief of the same shirt, he was quite disappointed.

Both Nana and Rajkumar worked together in the film Tiranga. Filmmaker Mehul Kumar had said in an interview that Rajkumar was unaware that Nana was working with him and then said, “I heard that he is a very uneducated person.” “He also uses abusive language.” The filmmaker had He also says that there was a very heated atmosphere during the filming of the film. However, later the anger in their relationship disappeared.

Every story of Rajkumar is interesting. So how can it be that the story surrounding his appearance in films isn’t interesting either? The real Rajkumar had no plans to act in films nor did he have any connection with Bollywood. Rajkumar was a police sub-inspector and the police station where he was posted was in Mumbai. People related to the film industry used to come and go there often. Director Baldev Dubey had also come there for some work. He liked Rajkumar’s style and way of talking so much that he offered him to work as an actor in the film Shahi Bazaar. From here Rajkumar came to cinema.

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