This 84-year-old chocolate egg is going to be auctioned off

Easter 2023 has already passed but the news is still chocolate eggs. On May 18, a candy will be auctioned in the United Kingdom at a starting price between 600 and 800 pounds sterling (between 678 and 904 euros). But lot has a particularity: his age.

Indeed, the chocolate egg was produced 84 years ago. It had been given to a 9-year-old girl when Adolf Hitler had just invaded Poland, reports the Guardian relayed by Slate. “With the war looming, her uncle told her ‘Be careful with that my daughter, there may soon be no more chocolate'”, recalls the daughter of the one who received the famous egg.

Witness to wartime values

Marked by these words, the little girl never tasted a single piece of this precious egg throughout the Second World War and well after. She finally died in 2021, at the age of 91, without having touched the confectionery. The egg is still in a small box in the name of its owner and the paper that surrounds the chocolate is almost intact.

According to Hansons Auctioneers, which manages the auction for this egg, the lot is a testament to wartime austerity and conservative values. The owner of the candy “came from a generation that understood the difficulties,” according to Charles Hanson, owner of the auction house. “She learned to cherish and appreciate the smallest things. »

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