The Barça squad showed his ungrateful side towards the club that trained him as a professional

What the midfielder said Thiago Alcantara in recent days, has puzzled the FC Barcelona. The player is not in a good present with him Liverpool FC, due to his multiple injuries, and Klopp you already think of a replacement for him. For his part, Xavi Hernández, who had the opportunity to play alongside him, wants to give him a chance in his squad.

The player’s response stumped the Catalan coach, to the managers, but above all to the fans culé. In short, the midfielder stated that he would not return to the Blaugrana club under any circumstances, and prefers to go to another lower category team. The reasons are still not very clear, but everything points to his long periods of ostracism in your stay in the Camp Nou.

Barcelona Thiago
According to the player, when he was at Barcelona he did not have the opportunities that he would have liked to have.

Thiago Alcántara asks Klopp for an opportunity not to go to Barcelona

The Brazilian midfielder has just come out of an injury (Calf muscle strain) that kept him away from the courts for 48 days. In the coming days, the German coach Jurgen Klopp, will find out if the evolution at the wheel is satisfactory, or if not, he will be discarded for the rest of the season.

Thiago has asked his coach for an opportunity to show that he can still deliver great performances to Liverpool. The truth is that the opportunity he asks for is to stay there and not go to Barcelona. The player does not want to return to a team where, according to him, they did not give him opportunities to exploit all his talent.

The old and new ghosts of Barcelona that haunt Thiago

According to him, the reasons why the 30-year-old footballer does not want to return to Camp Nou are due to the lack of minutes he could have. If in the past it was for Iniesta, Cesc Fabregas and Xavi Hernández himself, in the present it could be for Frenkie de Jong, Nico González, Pedri, and Gavi. The new talents of the Barça house are the ones that prevent their former youth squad from reaching their goal.

Before the midfielder made it to the Premier League, and while he was still a Bayern Munich player, Barcelona also offered to return him. However, once again the player rejected the offer and preferred the English club. Thiago’s rejection of the team that formed him as a professional is not up to now. Fans are beginning to believe that there is something else behind the constant rejection and fear of returning to Barcelona.


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