They will seek to calm the stress of dogs and cats due to the noise of the night of July 4

A cat and dog shelter in Englewood (Florida) is looking for volunteers for the night of July 4, the day of Independence in the USA, in order to calm the stress suffered by animals by the roar of fireworks and rockets with which the date is traditionally celebrated.

Those chosen for the task of accompanying the animals at the Humane Society shelter will receive hamburgers and hot dogs made on the barbecue and drinks as compensation, according to an announcement on Facebook.

The shelter itself invited the community to welcome one of his dogs and cats for the night for the same purpose.

We all enjoyed the Independence Day festivitiesbut often our pets don’t,” the Humane Society says in the message.

Among the many recommendations that various organizations make to Americans to avoid accidents and calamities on the night of July 4 is keeping pets on a leash and, if possible, under cover so that they do not run away and get lost for fear of the noise of fireworks and rockets.

The Miami-Dade County Fire Department recalled today the danger of improper handling of fireworks, which “can cause serious fires and burn injuries,” and warned of the importance of using the barbecue grill correctly.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), each July 4 “fireworks cause an estimated 19,500 fires in the US and $105 million in direct property damage.”

A report from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) notes that hospital emergency rooms Americans treated about 11,500 people in 2021 for fireworks-related injuries, of which 1,500 were treated for injuries associated with the use of firecrackers and another 1,100 for flares.

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The most common injuries occur to the hands, fingers, arms, and legs.

According to media such as CNN, the risks of pyrotechnic materials are causing them to be increasingly replaced by drone shows.

One reason is that fireworks and rockets release pollutants into the atmosphere. that impoverish air quality and thus affect people with respiratory problems, says The Miami Herald.

The newspaper cites a 2015 study that found that July 4 night there are 42% more pollutants in the air in US cities than on an average day.

“Perhaps most importantly, the drones that more and more US cities are using for Fourth of July celebrations do not leave a pall of smoke at a time when air quality in the US is at its worst. in decades,” says NPR, the US public television and radio station, in an article on the subject published today.

The northern US has long been affected by smoke from the large wildfires in Canada.

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