They will investigate for sexual abuse and treat the father of tennis player Guillermo Pérez Roldán

The Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata ordered to investigate the tennis coach Raúl Pérez Roldán, father of tennis player Guillermo Pérez Roldán, for the crimes of human trafficking, aggravated sexual abuse, and other crimes committed against minorsreported today the legal representative of the victims.

The judicial decision comes almost 6 months after Guillermo Pérez Roldán brought his father to justice, whom he accused of systematically beating him since childhood and then keeping all the money he earned during his professional career, in which he obtained 9 ATP titles and came to occupy the 13th position in the world ranking at the end of the 80s.

The complaint is part of the lawsuit filed by the tennis player against his father for reduction to servanthood, injuries and unfaithful administration. And where they seek to determine if there was human trafficking and identify other possible victims of sexual abuse, they reported from the legal study.

Investigate sexual abuse and trafficking

In this sense, the Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata ordered progress with the investigation of a complaint for the crime of rape filed by a former student from her school in Tandil..

According to the victim’s account, the events occurred when he was a minor.

The judges also requested to determine if there was human trafficking.

“The stage begins where it will be tried to prove, through testimonies and other evidence offered in the initial brief, what the victims affirm in their complaint,” said lawyer Juan Ignacio Pascual, who is carrying out the lawsuit on behalf of Guillermo Pérez. Roldan and X.

Guillermo Pérez Roldán’s income and his father’s assets

Among other measures, they also plan to request reports from national and foreign banks and the lifting of fiscal and banking secrecy; and request from the Argentine Tennis Association and the sponsors, information on the income that Guillermo Pérez Roldán had during his professional career, to later compare them with the goods that his father bought during all these years.

The accusation of X. -who is called that way to preserve his identity- was part of the presentation made on August 24, 2022, together with the tennis player, before the Federal Blue Court, where they hypothesized that there was a “criminal plan” orchestrated by the defendant between the 70s and 80s in which a series of crimes were committed, ranging from reduction to servitude and unfaithful administration to injuries and sexual abuse.

The “criminal plan” and its effects until today

The victims’ claim is that the effects of this plan still today continue to have a “harsh” psychological and economic impact, they detailed.

The first advance that the case had had was the confirmation by the federal prosecutor of Azul, Santiago Eyherabide, and the federal judge of Azul, Gabriel Di Giulio, that the criminal action was in force, that is, that “the facts do not were prescribed.”

The second advance occurred when the Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata resolved that the entire case be processed in the federal jurisdiction.thus preventing it from being divided into two parts, which would force the victims to go through two judicial processes: one in the local justice and the other in the national, and granting the request of the victims and the Attorney General of Mar del Plata, Dr. Daniel Adler, who had requested that the case not be divided.

The tennis player’s testimony generated an impact when he made public the torments to which he was subjected, in a journalistic interview, and later in a documentary series shown on the Star+ channel.

“These kinds of events, which also happen in other sports, mainly in individual sports where the perpetrator seeks impunity by being alone in front of the victim, are claimed as aberrations in today’s society and it is intended that they never happen again, never again. “concluded the lawyer.

Given the possibility that other young women have suffered similar events, from the legal study that represents the victims they summoned those who want to contribute their testimony to write to the mail [email protected] or through the page, where they guarantee ” the strictest reserve”.

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