They will invest more than RD $ 305.43 million in bridge construction

The Presidential Commission for Provincial Development Support (CPADP) will invest more than RD $ 305.43 million in the construction of ten bridges roads in different provinces of the country.

In Santo Domingo Oeste, the institution gave the first palace that begins the reconstruction work of the road bridge over the valley of the community of Villa María in the municipal district of Pantoja, Los Alcarrizos, as well as the bridge over the Higüero river in the La Cuaba neighborhood, Pedro Brand municipality, respectively.

While in the North region, in the Espaillat province, municipality of Juan López, more than 50,000 families with the reconstruction of three viaducts in the communities of La Barca, La Joyita and La Ramona.

Also in the municipality of Salcedo, Hermanas Mirabal province, the CPADP began the work of construction of road bridges in the communities of Jayabo and Las Caobas, a project demanded for more than 35 years by the inhabitants of that demarcation.

In San Francisco, the institution began reconstruction of the road bridge over the Jaya river in the community of Ugamba, in an act led by President Luis Abinader.

The head of the CPADP, Ángel De la Cruz announced that, in the southern part of the island, the government body, also will rebuild two bridges in the municipality of Tamayo, Bahoruco province, between the communities of San José La Cuaba and El Palmar, and another that will connect the communities of Santana with Hato Nuevo.

De la Cruz stated that all these projects will benefit more than 190,000 people and they are considered of utmost urgency taking into account the climatic conditions due to the hurricane season that is affecting the country.

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“The execution of these bridges is necessary for the interconnection of the affected communities, as well as the resolution of emergency services during the storm processes that may affect us,” he said.


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