They warn eliminating exemptions to free zones could lead to the loss of thousands of jobs

The senator of La Romana province, Iván Silva, warned that eliminating exemptions and imposing new taxes could “cost the country dearly”, an action that could also lead to the loss of thousands of jobs.

The representative from La Romana referred specifically to free zones, industries that currently have tax exemptions, but which in turn generate thousands of jobs.

Silva was cautious and asked his colleagues, given the hypothetical inclusion of these industries within a tax reform, to be aware of the impact that eliminating the exemptions from free zones could have and not to target “the rich.”

“We ask for measure to the Colleagues of the National Congress against the populist ideology of criminalizing the rich in the tax debate, eliminating benefits and rights to the free zones, to the detriment of the labor, social, monetary, financial and fiscal stability of the country” , said the legislator.

He also emphasized the latent threats surrounding the fuel, energy, transportation and trade markets, which could affect the Dominican economy if all sectors are taken into account within a tax reform.

In that sense, Silva reiterated that adding taxes to free zones through tax reform, without carefully analyzing the global and local panorama, would lead to the loss of thousands of jobs.

“If in the next tax reform we tax the free zones more, we will lose thousands of jobs. They are all going to leave, on the contrary we must make things easier for them ”.

The Dominican Government has announced on several occasions that it is working on a tax reform to restructure collections and this could be introduced to the National Congress.

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Anticipating this situation, and the content that this piece may bring, Senator Iván Silva anticipated his fellow legislators to carefully review the piece and work in favor of all sectors.


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