They vandalized the tomb of Víctor Jara

The grave of the Chilean singer-songwriter Víctor Jara was vandalized by strangers in the General Cemetery of Santiago, the same day that the 89th birthday of the popular artist who was assassinated by the military dictatorship (1973-1990) from Chile on September 28, 1973.

The fact was denounced by the mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue, and for the Victor Jara Foundation, which published images of the tomb showing signs of having been hit with blunt objects that broke the platform of the tomb. “It is no coincidence that the sacrilege is committed on the same day that we celebrate the artist’s birthday and, in addition, we celebrate the inauguration of an avenue with his name”the organization said in a statement.

“It is a fanatical response to the commemoration, a retaliation of fascist minds that, increasingly, are resorting to vandalism to destroy murals, mosaics and other displays with which the people express their affection for Víctor Jara and for those who love freedom,” they pointed out from the foundation.

“Victor lives!”

For his part, Jadue repudiated the fact on his social networks, where he published a photograph showing the damage next to the flowers left by Jara’s admirers after the commemoration of his birth. “We repudiate these hateful actions that only those who deny the human rights violations of yesterday and today harbor. Victor lives!”, published the former presidential candidate.

The vandalization of the tomb of Jara was also denounced by the General Cemetery itself and generated widespread rejection on social networks, according to local media. This is the third time that the tomb of Jara, author of emblematic hymns such as “I remember you Amanda”, “El Arado”, “The Right to Live in Peace” and “A deslambrar”, has been vandalized since the end of 2019 According to the Bio Bio Chile portal, similar events occurred in January 2020 and March 2021.

“We are concerned about the intolerant, violent and xenophobic attitudes that occur with impunity in our country. The destruction of the tomb of Víctor Jara is a sign of this fascist violence”added the foundation. They also condemned the attack on social media. “That most miserable people Víctor Jara will live forever in the songs and struggles of the people.
In 1973 they wanted to shut him up and he is still more alive than ever. Today they want to channel his grave and only manage to enlarge his legend, “wrote a Twitter user.

Victor Jara Avenue

That same day, in the Central Station sector in the center of the Chilean capital and after a decade of processing, the renaming of a section of public road with the name of the mythical singer-songwriter was made official when the Central Station Municipal Council decided to change the name of Avenida Ecuador to Avenida Víctor Jara. The initiative had broad support from the public, with 87 percent of the residents of that street who supported the decision. The measure also received support from the University of Santiago.

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“This recognition and that we have a street called Víctor Jara, next to our university, is something that fills us with pride and we will honor it accordingly”said the rector of the University of Santiago, Juan Manuel Zolezzi, quoted by the Sputnik agency, which also reported that hundreds of people gathered at the intersection of Avenida Víctor Jara with Enrique Kirberg, next to the USACH, to render a tribute to the singer-songwriter.

“There is recognition of Victor’s memory. We hope it can be validated in that sense. Victor Jara was a great person from a cultural point of view and his contribution to art. He became director of Art and Communications at the university”, Zolezzi stated. “In that sense, he toured the entire country spreading his music, but also all the political-cultural projects that the university had”he added, quoted by the Sputnik agency.

89 years

Born on September 28, 1932 into a family of peasant parents, Víctor Jara, became one of the main references of the New Chilean Song during the 1960s and early 1970s. The musical movement drew inspiration from the country’s urban and rural popular culture, as well as Latin American rhythms to explore the creation of works committed to social processes.

Jara, internationally recognized and remembered, also taught at the Technical University of the State, today the University of Santiago de Chile. He also established himself as an actor and theater director at the Theater School of the University of Chile. He was recognized with numerous awards and also led musical groups such as Quilapayún.

During the government of Salvador Allende (1970-1973), Jara assumed a militant commitment that he translated with special dedication in his work. After the coup on September 11 that overthrew the socialist executive and killed the president, Jara was arrested at the Technical University of the State and later assassinated the same month at the Chile Stadium, which today bears his name.

To commemorate the birth of the Chilean musician, the fourth edition of the Víctor Jara Art and Memory Festival. This year the meeting was broadcast through social networks and featured the participation of actor Daniel Alcaíno and artists such as Nano Stern, Isabel and Tita Parra, Roberto Márquez.


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