Home Tech They unanimously approve a bill drafted by ChatGPT in 15 seconds

They unanimously approve a bill drafted by ChatGPT in 15 seconds

They unanimously approve a bill drafted by ChatGPT in 15 seconds

The progress of artificial intelligence is reaching new horizons and in Brazil it turned out that a bill on water meters, which was unanimously approved by the local council of a Brazilian city, was drafted by ChatGPT.

This bill, which came into force on November 23rd, was created from a statement entered into ChatGPT of around 250 characters by Councilor Ramiro Rosário from Porto Alegre.

The City Council wanted to create municipal legislation that would prohibit the city’s Water and Sewer Department from charging a property owner to replace a stolen water meter.

What was surprising was ChatGPT’s quick and effective response. In just 15 seconds, the chatbot offered two innovative solutions to a problem that had plagued city residents for months. He proposed a 30-day deadline to replace stolen water meters and a provision that would allow water payments to be waived if the deadline is not met, The Washington Post reported.

The most remarkable thing is this This proposal, generated by artificial intelligence, was approved by the 36 members of the Council. who did not know his origin. It was even evaluated and slightly adjusted by council committees before being approved.

This revelation initially sparked skepticism from local council chairman Hamilton Sossmeier, who believed it set a “dangerous precedent”. However, after further review, Sossmeier changed his mind and stated that this could be the start of a trend in the legislative field.

Ramiro Rosário, the initiator of this initiative, explained that he kept secret the origin of the formulations generated by ChatGPT for fear of possible biases among legislators against artificial intelligence. “By announcing that artificial intelligence drafted the text only after its approval in the plenary session and its approval by the mayor, I have ensured that the process moves forward without outside interference.”he claimed.

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