They tied a baker’s hands and feet and put a garbage bag over his head

The rape Deprivation of liberty (coping) occurred in the early hours of this Saturday, around 4 a.m bakery from the corner of Isidoro de María and José L. Terra, one block from the Montevideo Agricultural Market (MAM).

Two criminals broke into the store while the employee was working. Baker and they subdued him by force and threatened him with firearms.

They sealed his wrists with their hands behind his back and took him to the bathroom. Then they took him out and took him to the bakery counter, where they laid him on the floor, tied his legs and put a black garbage bag over his head. They also hit him on the head with the butt of a rifle.

This is how the criminals stole money and goods. When the owner of the restaurant arrived in the morning, she saw the police standing at the door and serving the baker.

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