They spread a photo of Boris Johnson drinking wine with others during the 2020 lockdown

The British Prime Minister, Boris johnson, was this Monday the target of new criticism when it came to light a photo of him with his wife, Carrie Johnson, and several members of his staff in Downing Street Gardens drinking wine in May 2020 during the first coronavirus lockdown in the UK. Government spokesmen came out to downplay the situation, reporting that it was “a work meeting” and not one of the many parties that generated a political storm in the nation.

The newspaper The Guardian published on its cover a wide snapshot in which it is seen Boris Johnson sits with his wife, Carrie Symonds, and two other people around a table with glasses and a bottle of wine, as well as a cheese board. In the same photo you can also see another table with four other members of the staff of the official Downing Street residence and, in the distance, more people chatting with drinks in hand, at times when citizens were required to maintain a social distance of two meters and only two people could be seen outdoors.

A government spokesman assured that it was a staff meeting after a press conference in which the then Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, had warned citizens that they should maintain their distance despite the good weather inviting otherwise. “There were business meetings often in the Downing Street garden during the summer months.”explained the official, who also recalled that Johnson and his wife can “legitimately” use the area because it so happens that it is both a home and an office.

In recent days it was also known that it was celebrated a Christmas party at the official residence a year ago, while there were strong restrictions due to covid-19. The opposition demands more and better explanations from Johnson for his conduct.

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The “number two” of the Labor Party, Angela rayner, noted that this photo makes it clear that the prime minister “shows us consistently that he has no regard for the rules he applies to others.” Rayner added in statements to The Guardian that image is “absolutely heartbreaking to watch for people who passed the first wave of the pandemic on the front lines of our health service, desperately missing loved ones, enduring loneliness and missing funerals. “

Johnson has been accumulating crises for weeks, such as the controversy over the Christmas party or his attempt to alter parliamentary rules to prevent former Congressman Owen Paterson from being punished for having used his position to lobby with ministries in favor of a company for which he worked . The heavy setback for Johnson took place Tuesday in the House of Commons, after he Almost 100 Conservative MPs will challenge their authority by voting against the introduction of health passes to enter major events in England.

Two days later, the Conservatives lost the English seat of North Shrophsire in an election called for the resignation of Paterson. Helen Morgan, Liberal candidate, won with 47 percent of the vote against 31 for the Tories and 12 for Labor and their victory further weakened Johnson, two years after winning the general election. The Conservative premier approaches a vote of confidence from his supporters, disgusted by his handling of the pandemic and the exit from Brexit, which led to the fishing conflict with France.


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