They send 3 young people to trial who tried to murder Cristina

An Argentine judge ordered yesterday Monday to send to trial three young people accused of having tried to assassinate the vice president and former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

Those arrested for the assassination attempt are the Brazilian Fernando Sabag Montiel, who held the weapon with which he could not carry out the shot, his partner Brenda Uliarte and Nicolás Carrizo, both Argentines.

Sabag Montiel and Uliarte are accused of being co-authors of attempted murder and Carrizo, who was the boss of both in a group of street vendors of cotton candy, of a secondary participant.

Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti declared the judicial investigation “partially closed”, according to the resolution published by the official Télam news agency. The decision was criticized by the former president’s lawyers (2007-2015) who considered that “taking the case to trial in sections is an incorrect practice and damages the discovery of the truth.”


Fernández de Kirchner’s lawyers question that the judge has not deepened the investigation into the possible instigators, participants and financiers of the event that, according to the former president, would be linked to the opposition.

But the prosecutor who led the investigation, Carlos Rívolo, affirmed that until now no evidence has been found that points to financing or political planning of the event.

On September 1, Sabag Montiel fired his Bersa pistol twice a few centimeters from Fernández de Kirchner’s head as he greeted his followers near his home in Buenos Aires. The gun had five bullets but none in the chamber, so the bullet did not exit, according to police. The man was subdued and detained at the time and Uliarte, who was in the area at the time of the incident, was arrested three days later.

The frustrated attack on Fernández de Kirchner, which was seen live on several television channels, caused great commotion since for more than two decades the Peronist leader has been a central figure in Argentine politics, where she has served as a legislator, president for two consecutive terms and now vice president.

The vice president has indicated that the judge and the prosecutor did not want to investigate the assassination attempt in depth. Meanwhile, President Alberto Fernández has demanded that justice investigate those who could be behind the attack.

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