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They reveal the true cause of death of the young Brits who died while camping

The United Kingdom is mourning the deaths of four teenagers who died in a mysterious accident while camping in Wales

The United Kingdom remains shocked by the deaths of four young Welsh men who disappeared while camping in Snowdonia, Wales, on November 21. Jevon Hirst 16 years old, Harvey Owen from 17, Hugo Morris18 and Wilf FitchettThe 17-year-old was found dead in a car that left the road and ended up in a river on a mountain road. Luckily, a friend of Hugo’s who was going with them decided to change his plans at the last minute and stayed home. This decision saved his life, although the emotional impact of the news had a profound impact on him.

The mysterious disappearance sparked an extensive operation Rescue helicopter from the mountain, Police and Coast Guard. The accident caused the young people to go off the road on a curve that wasn’t particularly complicated, but which has already led to several deaths in recent years. The vehicle was close to the road but was only visible from a high clearance vehicle.

The area was searched unsuccessfully until a truck driver saw something suspicious and The worst omens were confirmed. The four young men were in the vehicle, which had overturned and was lying face down in a shallow river.

The biggest unknown for investigators is the cause of the accident. This weekend there was a strong wind and rain storm which caused the road to move off the road. As confirmed Kate Robertson, Chief Coroner for North West Wales, The car they were traveling in “went off the road” on the A4085 in Llanfrothen and after the accident and being unable to get out of the car, They died drowned.

Although the cause of death is known, police investigations continue to try to determine what caused him to leave the road.

And the case was a huge blow to British society. In the first few hours there was hardly any evidence of her. A message on Twitter showed that one of them was storing a tent in the car in which they were found. Several witnesses testified to this along the way The group was very satisfied with their trip and that they did not stop laughing while they bought supplies at a shop in Harlech, where they stopped along the way. They were later recorded by a surveillance camera on their way to the mountains

Harvey’s mother, Crystal Owen, revealed to the BBC that the young people last used their phones around midday on Sunday and that he believed his son was at a friend’s grandfather’s house. “If I had known where they were going, I wouldn’t have left because of the weather conditions,” he said. Actually, Rain and strong winds made the rescue operation difficult. Families raised the alarm on Monday morning when children failed to return to their homes in Shrewsbury, an English town near the border with Wales.

Tragically, the car left the A4085 at Garreg, near Tremadog, on November 21, a day after it was reported missing.

After I heard the news. Tributes followed with memorial messages and a vigil in Shrewsbury.

Crystal Owen described her son as “a unique and special person who touched many people throughout his life.” “There is never a time to lose a child, but in this case it is even more heartbreaking because he was doing well in life and had everything to live for,” he added.

“I feel like I’m in a nightmare that I can’t wake up from, no matter how much I want to,” said a devastated Owen. “I just wanted to say that I appreciate people’s support, but no matter how many messages they send me, nothing will help me get over this. Nothing will make this nightmare go away,” he said Facebook.

For her part, the girlfriend of Wilf, Maddi Corfield, He paid tribute to him on his social networks: “I love you so much that I will always miss you. He is the sweetest and most loving boy I have ever met. I hope you know how much I love you.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak paid tribute to the young people and Labor leader Keir Starmer lamented “how difficult it is to imagine” what this loss means to families. “I certainly speak on behalf of everyone in the House of Representatives and say that our condolences are with the families and friends of the four young men Shrewsbury who tragically lost their lives this week,” he added.

The four young people were schoolmates of the Shrewsbury Colleges Group, which issued a statement regretting the “shocking” news and thanking emergency services and mountain rescue teams, as well as members of the public who took part in the search.

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