They put tanks so that the Bolsonaristas would not be detained

A former chief of the Brasilia Police accused the Army of having prevented the arrest of followers of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro who participated in the coup attacks on January 8, assaulting buildings of the three powers. Its about Colonel Jorge Naime, former Operations Commander of the Federal District Police, who testified before a parliamentary commission of the Legislative Assembly of Brasilia on the actions of the security and armed forces on the day of the attempted coup.

Naime said that the Military Police could not detain the suspects who participated in the attacks and who were in the camp in front of the Army Headquarters, because soldiers set up a barrier to prevent the Brasilia police from detaining the Bolsonaristas who had vandalized the Planalto Palace, the Congress and the seat of the Court. “A shock line with tanks was installed and they were not in front of the camp.

“They were in front of the Military Police, protecting the camp,” said. The Brasilia police were intervened for 30 days by the Lula da SIlva government because the capital’s Security Secretary, Anderson Torres, a former Bolsonaro minister, had released the area for the advance of the coup leaders. Torres, former Minister of Justice, is in custody, accused of instigating the coup and of having escaped to the United States that week.

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