The guard court has issued a restraining order from any football field for the 38-year-old man arrested Tuesday in Palma for threats, after the alleged attempt to stab a referee of the third-class soccer match between UC Collerense and Rotlet Molinar.

The detainee has gone to court this Wednesday and has been released with charges and with a restraining order from the soccer fields, legal sources have reported.

The National Police went to the Collerense field on Tuesday after receiving several calls to the 091 central alerting of an incident in this high rivalry match and requesting police presence.

The linesman told the agents that, at the end of the match, a man jumped onto the field and attacked the referee with a knife, who managed to dodge the aggression by jumping backwards.

Before the intervention of several people who had seen the attempted attack, the man, who had also threatened another referee who was in the stands, fled the field on the run, according to the account that the eyewitnesses told the police.

The agents carried out raids in the area and arrested a man who matched the description as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of threats.


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