Home Science They manage to simulate quantum entanglement through gravity

They manage to simulate quantum entanglement through gravity

They manage to simulate quantum entanglement through gravity

The theoretical physicist Carlos Sabin the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) has carried out one simulation in one IBM quantum computer This could be useful on the way to proving that gravity is a quantum force.

Although no actual experiment has been conducted yet, this advance represents a step toward better understanding Quantum nature of gravity.

The study, published in the journal EPJ quantum technologyshows how experimental groups could use these findings to empirically test the quantum character of the gravitational field.

Experimental groups could use the results of this simulation to empirically verify the quantum character of the gravitational field.

“Although the experimental suggestions Although the ability to create entanglements through gravity is still beyond our current technological capabilities, it is conceivable that this will change in a few years, says Sabín.

“This development would allow direct verification of the quantum aspects of gravity,” he adds, “but in the meantime I have turned to one of IBM’s quantum computers to simulate these experiments.”

Towards a quantum theory of gravity

To date we don’t have any Quantum theory of gravityin contrast to other fundamental forces such as electromagnetism. There are theoretical proposals, such as the famous one String theorybut its experimental verification is beyond the reach of current technologies.

A more modest approach has recently been developed that simply aims to demonstrate this Quantum nature of gravitywithout having to reveal the entire underlying quantum theory.

This approach is based on the idea that if it is possible, it can be generated Quantum entanglement between systems controlled by quantum physics through purely gravitational means, we were able to confirm that the Heaviness It is actually one Quantum forceeven without knowing the full theory.

If quantum entanglement between quantum physics systems is achieved through gravity, it could be confirmed that gravity is a quantum force

“He entanglement We use this term to describe certain relationships between measurement results that are only possible in quantum systems. These correlations are extremely useful for the development of new technologies, including quantum computers,” explains Sabín.

As part of his research, Sabín translated the results of a specific experiment – carried out by scientists from University College London (UK) and the University of Groningen (Netherlands) – into the language of Quantum bits (qubits) and the transformations between them (Quantum logic gates). He then implemented the simulation over the Internet on a quantum computer, analyzed the results and compared them with theoretical ideals.

“By using modern techniques to ‘mitigate’ experimental errors, I verified that the results obtained are practically identical to the theoretical ones. “This suggests that the entanglement created between the qubits is equivalent to what gravity would have created between quantum systems in a real experiment,” the researcher concludes.


Sabín, C. (2023). “Digital quantum simulation of quantum gravitational entanglement using IBM quantum computers”. EPJ quantum technology2023

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