They intend to unite the arts for the show

The producer Josell Hernandezwho is in charge of the show Rochy RD at the Palacio de los Deportes, he assured that he will seek to unite more than one hundred artists, including dancers, invited national and international urban exponents and musicians, on stage, and that all the arts can come out that night on August 12.

“We want to make a production that covers all the arts in this staging. When I say that it covers all the arts, it is because we want to make a nomenclature between the cinematographic, between the acting, between the pictorial and between the musical,” Hernández said during a press meeting.

Hernández also pointed out that the public will find “a totally different Rochy” from the costumes to the songs, as well as a new set design for a “high-end” concept.

For his part, Rochy said he had left the club performer behind to reinvent himself and perform on other larger stages inside and outside the Dominican territory, just as he has done this year, making presentations in Spain, Colombia, Nicaragua and Costa Delicious.

In this sense, Eduardo Durán, president of ED Live, a company that will take part in the production, highlighted his commitment to the concert as it is the first “high-volume” concert that will star Rochy RD in his native country.

legal case

When asked by the journalist Kenny Valdez, the singer’s lawyer, José Martínez Brito, who was at the scene, revealed that his client was acquitted of the legal case for which he served three months in preventive detention and for which in August he was They imposed periodic presentation plus a bond of two million pesos as a variation of the measure.

“Rochy does not have any process that prevents him from doing absolutely nothing. Thank God he has achieved acquittal in all the processes he has had in the Dominican Republic and all this has been presented to all the institutions that need to be presented,” Brito said.

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