They imputed the presidents of River and Vélez for the excess of public

The presidents of River, Rodolfo D’Onofrio, and of Vélez, Sergio Rapisarda, were formally imputed this Tuesday due to the excess of public in the soccer games of the last weekend for crimes that include prison sentences of up to two years.

D’Onofrio and Rapisarda were held responsible as the highest authorities of the Board of Directors of each of their clubsHowever, the progress of the investigation could extend the accusations to other members of both conductions, especially those who had direct responsibility in the organization of the games that their teams played as locals.

This was confirmed by Attorney General of the City of Buenos Aires, Juan Bautista Mahiques, after the raids to the Monumental stadium ordered the day before by the prosecutor in charge of sporting events of the Buenos Aires Public Prosecutor’s Office, Celsa Ramírez.

The prosecution in charge of Ramírez had charged the directive committees of both clubs for having allowed more concurrent stadiums than those that had been authorized to enter the respective stadiums through a special government provision that allowed supporters to return to the fields.

But on Monday, the attorney general Mahiques explained that, in addition to article 205 of the Penal Code (which represses the violation of regulations established to control a pandemic), the directors of both clubs may have violated article 239 of the same law, which punishes who disobeys or resists an indication of a public official.

Rapisarda’s defense

“There was no breach of the capacity, we complied with all the protocols and we will present all the evidence in court. All this took us by surprise because we were very neat “, Rapisarda defended himself in statements to the Double Yellow portal.

And added that “the authorized public was 16,300” and that figure “was not reached”: “All the members and subscribers to the boxes had a QR code and they were checked at each of the entrances,” explained Velez’s boss.

The figures that weigh on both leaders – as heads of their respective directive committees – are the same that have been applied in all cases of infractions to the regulations provided through decrees of necessity and urgency (DNU) since the beginning of the pandemic in all the judicial jurisdictions of the country.

For River, 787 more people

During In the raid that took place on Monday in River, security cameras, servers where the images of the monitoring system, records of the turnstiles and documentation on the stable and contracted personnel for the access operation to the stands were housed.

According to the Núñez club, 787 more people entered the Monumental to witness the Superclásico. This ridiculous figure motivated the subsequent search.

According to the capacity of the Monumental, River was authorized to host up to 36,000 spectators, a number exceeded according to the record taken by the Buenos Aires authorities at the end of the day of the Superclásico. The club itself, in an internal report signed by the Infrastructure Manager, Rodrigo Pecollo, He counted that the people attending the Monumental were 36,787, a figure higher than the limit.

This total is broken down as follows: Belgrano Alta, 4483 spectators; Belgrano Media / Baja, 1173 and 1109; Centenario Alta, 2788 and 1745; Centenario Media / Baja, 2014 and 2671; San Martín Alta, 3926 and 893; San Martín Media / Baja, 3296; Press Sector, 453; Sívori Alta, 3505 and 2427; Sívori Medium / Low, 887 and 5017.

In that worksheet, within the column “State”, River stated that entry to all sectors of the Monumental occurred in “normal mode.”


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