Iñaki Williams He is one of the best players in the Athletic, but the subject of goals is not good at all. This is something you need to improve on to be a fully rounded player, and you’ve already started getting tips on becoming a deadly attacker. This is the season when he wants to show what he’s made of.

And it is that despite the fact that the extreme is one of the referents of the offensive of those of San Mamés, his shortage of goals already worries. His best course in terms of scoring was 2018-2019, where he was able to score 13 goals. He equaled his best record which occurred in the second Athletic team in 2014-2015.

This is something that is not alien to the world of football where several forwards have referred to what Iñaki Williams lacks to score more goals. One of those who has spoken lately about the level of the 27-year-old attacker is Samuel Eto’o. The FC Barcelona and Inter Milan striker has given the Lions player the key to improve his records.

The Cameroonian council linked him at the moment when he arrived at Real Madrid and Fabio Capello was his coach. The Italian asked the forward to train in the afternoons, to which ‘Samu’ thought it was a punishment, but it was the opposite. The coach wanted Eto’o to improve his definition with the instep and not only with the inside.

In this way, in the first measure he has asked Iñaki Willians to have more confidence in himself to score more goals, in addition to training a little more. 15, 20 or 30 minutes after each practice would be something that could improve your numbers facing the gate. The key is none other than kicking and kicking until some game actions are present.

In turn, the Athletic winger thanked Samuel Eto’o for advice. “For me this is a master’s degree, I keep it as my best treasures. Samu, with all my respect and admiration for you, you marked my childhood ”. He finished the benchmark of the Bilbao team that he hopes to continue improving every day.


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