They find remains of a pre-Hispanic cemetery under a street in Lima

Workers who were excavating to lay natural gas networks found under a street in Lima the remains of a pre-Hispanic cemetery, with 2,000-year-old ceramic vessels, an archaeologist reported Thursday.

"This find that we see today is 2,000 years old, so far there are six human bodies that we have recovered, between children and adults, accompanied by a trousseau of ceramic vessels that were expressly made to bury them."Archaeologist Cecilia Camargo told AFP at the site.

According to experts, this pre-Hispanic cemetery found under a street in the Lima district of La Victoria would be linked to cultural development "White on Red", settled on the central coast of Peru in the valleys of Chillón, Rímac and Lurín, the three rivers that cross Lima.

"So far we are recovering about 40 vessels of different shapes related to the White on Red style."said Camargo, head of cultural heritage at the natural gas company Cálidda.

"Some very diagnostic bottles of this era and of this style that are bottles with a double spout and a bridge handle, and also at the moment we are discovering one that has a face inside its body."Camargo explained.

Finds of archaeological remains occur frequently in Peru. That is why all the public service companies that do excavations have archaeologists, including Cálidda, a company with Colombian capital that distributes natural gas in Lima and in the neighboring port of Callao.


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