They find a two-year-old $ 100,000 winning ticket

They were looking for the packaging but eventually came across the gift itself. And what a gift. An Australian couple found a winning ticket for 100,000 Australian dollars (around 64,000 €) hidden in their linen closet. It was the woman who made this incredible discovery while searching for paper for Christmas, reports the site

“We walked past this closet so many times”

The Warm Wishes game ticket was given to them two years ago, already for Christmas. But those Nelson Bay residents had never scratched it. “The next morning, we had breakfast, and my wife decided to scratch it while eating,” said the husband, whose partner then started to cry out for joy.

“We walked by this closet so many times, we cleaned it up and we had no idea there was $ 100,000 in it the whole time,” he added. With this nice sum, the lucky ones want to install air conditioning in their house. They also plan to afford a car and a vacation. And to cover people with holiday scratch tickets: “We decided to buy a bunch of scratch tickets, put them in Christmas cards and give them to everyone. With a little luck, they too will have a big gain ”.

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