They find a protein that promotes breast cancer metastasis

He Breast cancer It is the most common type of cancer in women. More than two million new cases are diagnosed every year. Thanks to new scientific advances, it has now been possible to prevent metastasis.

A group of scientists from the Barcelona Biomedical Research Institute (IRB) have decoded the mechanism by which this happens MAF protein increases the risk of metastasis in patients with breast cancer. To date, the spread of cancer cells beyond the breast tissue and the formation of metastases in other organs leads to a drastic worsening of the prognosis and significant challenges.

A team from IRB Barcelona led by Dr. However, Roger Gomis revealed the mechanism by which the MAF protein increases the risk of metastasis in breast cancer patients. This discovery is an important step contributes to the understanding of the molecular basis of metastasis and has relevant clinical implications for treatment.

Therefore, this study opens the possibility of preventing metastases and opens up new perspectives in the treatment of breast cancer. The study was conducted in cultured cells and animal models of the disease and validated on patient samples.

Gomis, head of the Cancer Growth Control and Metastasis Laboratory at IRB Barcelona, ​​explained: “This discovery represents a crucial step in understanding the spread of breast cancer and opens up new therapeutic options for the 20% of patients who cannot benefit from bisphosphonates.” Treatment.

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