Home World They explain the impact that 5G technology will have in the country

They explain the impact that 5G technology will have in the country

Explican el impacto que tendrá la tecnología 5G en el país

With the implementation of 5G, the Dominican Republic will catch up with economies such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile or Colombia, which are already deploying the technology and launching their services, said the CEO of Atice Dominicana, Ana Figueiredo, after present the impact this will have on national development.

To achieve 5G implementation, the company has sustained investment support that has allowed it to deploy, at the national level, a robust technological infrastructure, with the best connectivity and coverage networks, which to date amounts to RD $ 52,000 million, recounted in a press release.

The telecommunications company Altice Dominicana held the first 5G innovation event where the international expert and director of Altice Labs, Paulo Pereira, explained the impact that the implementation of this technology will have on the socio-economic development of the Dominican Republic.

Through the activity, Altice Trends, Pereira exposed to clients, authorities, representatives of the public-private sector and communicators, the benefits of the technology that is revolutionizing the world and the performance of the main industries for the benefit of human development. In his dissertation he showed the functional cases of the application of this innovation that is already a reality at Altice Labs.

Pereira highlighted the strategic importance of 5G for the Altice Group and the uses and applications that are already a reality at Altice Labs. Altice puts the 5G experience at the global level at the service of all its customers, since its priority is to lead the process by accompanying them in the growth and evolution of their companies, based on the great opportunities offered by this technology.

Also, Figueiredo reported that with the milestone of the frequency assignment tendered by the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (INDOTEL), the company will begin the deployment that will be carried out in phases throughout the national territory.

Figueiredo, indicated that the company believes and is committed to building a future of innovation and development hand in hand with Altice 5G, led by its specialized business team: Altice Business.

He stated that from 2022, Altice will lead an impeccable implementation of 5G, through a gradual process in which it will deliver, in stages, in Altice 5G coverage areas, which will make possible structural changes at the public and private level, for the management of transportation, education, medicine, tourism and agriculture in the next 10 years.

Figueiredo reaffirmed the commitment that this vision implies, with the long-term investment that this era requires and with the knowledge of all its local and international capacities, as well as the passion and dedication to make it a reality.


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