They encourage Mypimes to participate in purchasing processes

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs (MICM) invited micro, small and medium-sized industrial companies to participate in purchasing processes within the framework of decree 31-22regarding the fact that January is the month in which public institutions plan the purchases that the entities will make in the year and that they contemplate it through their Annual Plan of Purchases and Contracts of 2023.

The ministry has a set of technical assistance and certifications to support industrial MSMEs to continue improving their productivity, competitiveness and successfully participate in these purchasing processes, therefore, the institution encourages MSMEs to benefit from these programs to train and formalize.

The entity has tools and instructions available to entrepreneurs to guide and accompany them during the process and thus guarantee that purchasing units can purchase their products from Dominican industrial MSMEs that have the necessary requirements: Mipymes Certification, the Industrial Registry and the State Supplier Registry and comply with the established quality standards.

In a note sent to the media, the MICM reaffirmed its commitment to continue promoting initiatives that seek to highlight what has been done in the Dominican Republic by micro, small and medium-sized industries and contribute to the objective for this 2023 mentioned by Carlos Pimentel, general director of Public Procurement, to continue generating the confidence of MSMEs in the Dominican purchasing system and promote the increase in processes within the framework of Decree 31-22.

About the decree
Decree 31-22 instructs 18 public institutions, whose mission is linked to the protection of vulnerable groups and the alleviation of poverty, that the purchasing processes they carry out to acquire goods related to their purpose and that are produced in Dominican territory , are intended exclusively for micro, small and medium-sized industries, provided they have the capacity and quality to supply them.

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