They enabled the three lists for the Independent elections

Independiente made official this Wednesday that the postponed presidential elections of the club will be held next Sunday with three candidates, after a long process in which several incidents were recorded from a year ago, aggravated by the weak soccer campaign of the Avellaneda team.

Javier Mazza (officialism, Independent Group); Fabián Doman (Independent Unit) and Claudio Rudecindo (Independent People) are the candidates qualified to compete in the elections. “The Independent Athletic Club informs that the Electoral Board has enabled the three postulated lists to present themselves in the elections next Sunday,” the institution communicated this afternoon through its official channels on social networks. The elections will be held on Sunday, October 2 at the headquarters of Avenida Miter 470 in Avellaneda, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., with a list of 48,666 eligible members.

The elections were going to be held at the end of last year but at that time Doman’s list presented different irregularities in the guarantees that motivated its challenge by the Electoral Board. Faced with this situation, its members went to court and managed to suspend the elections. After long disputes in the offices and in the courts, finally the three lists were authorized and now the elections will take place this Sunday.

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