They dismantle a gang that poisoned the elderly to keep their homes

The Warsaw prosecutor’s office reported Monday that it will prosecute a group of people who allegedly five elderly people were murdered with adulterated alcohol to keep their property.

The Warsaw district prosecutor’s office in Prague explained that a gang made up of six people will be tried from July 12 for “five crimes of murder, six attempted murders and 18 crimes of documentary fraud” committed in the last five years.

According to the information provided, three of the defendants They were dedicated to looking for lonely, elderly people and without relativeswho were in a vulnerable situation and who owned some property, whom they approached to establish a friendship and cultivate their affection.

After getting, with small favors and helping them with domestic chores, that these people considered them trustworthy, they convinced them to issue a favorable will for them or sign powers that would allow them to manage their assets.

They then provided alcohol adulterated with isopropanol to poison them little by little and, when they died, they seized their homes thanks to the collaboration of a notary who acted as an accomplice.

The prosecution’s investigation revealed that this gang killed at least five victims and was currently preparing to kill another six after gaining their trust.

One of the latter was a Warsaw pensioner at whose home police found a 1.5-litre bottle of water with a high content of isopropanol.

At the time of the arrest, the police found in the defendants’ possession the equivalent of 90,000 euros in cash, several cars and eight real estate properties that had belonged to the deceased, as well as debts of more than 110,000 euros, contracted in the name of the victims who were still alive.

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The authorities were put on the band’s trail by the testimony of a woman who had a relationship with one of the members of the criminal group, whose mission was to verify in the registry what properties the elderly owned.

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