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They discover a cemetery under their land, they are asked for money

We often talk about the advantages of going through a real estate civil society (SCI) to acquire a property, but the use of an SCI can also have unexpected consequences, as these Northerners whose story is told by Tuesday, May 3, 2022. A couple decided, a year and a half ago, to buy land opposite their home, in the city center of BĂ©thune, in Hauts-de-France. But the work could not start, because nearly thirteen bodies, dating from the French Revolution, were found. When “you ask for the building permit, you are told that the land can be excavated”, laments the Northerner in the pages of the daily. But you are not “talked about the consequences of the searches”… namely that you may have to pay for them.

The regional archeology service (SRA) has indeed explained that excavations should take place after the discovery of bodies: the land would intersect with part of an old cemetery of the Saint-Barthélemy collegiate church, a building dating from the year 1000 which would have disappeared during the French Revolution. And the bills should be paid by the SCI, the civil real estate company that the couple had decided to create when buying the land, also specified the SRA.

However, if the Northerners had not gone through an SCI, they would have had nothing to pay: a nuance of size that these owners did not know, and which could cost them the salty bill of 300,000 euros, underlines the daily, an amount assessed according to the area and depth of the excavations. Now, the Northerners have three options. Pay this bill, leave the land as it is and abandon their construction project, or resell it to a private or public person who could assume such a burden.


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