They denounce Enzo Copetti and Hernán Toledo for exhibitionism in a private country

The footballers Enzo Copetti, from Racing, and Hernán Toledofrom Estudiantes de La Plata, were denounced by acts of exhibitionism and masturbation in the presence of neighbors, including boys and girls, in a residence in the exclusive country estate of Fincas de Hudson. The news was known through a chat of neighbors and owners who live in the private neighborhood, in the Buenos Aires district of Berazategui.

The Racing striker, like the Estudiantes de La Plata attacker, recently moved with their respective partners to the exclusive complex, where a series of episodes were generated that led to the complaint. One of the owners was precisely the one who made the decision to make a criminal presentation at the Gutiérrez Police Station, Berazategui district. In addition, The woman alerted her neighbors through the WhatsApp chat, especially those who live with minors, of what was happening with the soccer players and about the criminal complaint she made.

The complaint was made on March 23 at the 3rd Police Station in Gutiérrez and UFI No. 8 in Berazategui intervened and in the same the crime is investigated under the cover of “obscene exhibitions”.

“One of the tenants, last Wednesday at noon, he stood completely naked at his window that overlooks the street, where girls and boys walk by. I tried to ignore him, thinking that he hadn’t noticed the exhibit because the house was new. But instead of being something temporary, he tried to exhibit and show his erect penis more and more out of the window by taking it out “reported the complainant woman in the neighborhood chat.

The woman, who lives in a house next to the soccer players, he would have tried to film them to have proof of his story, although the purpose could not be achievedsince the defendants “were attentive to the situation”.

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“Last night at 8:30 p.m., while I was with my daughters, I saw a young man once again look out the window that overlooks the street, totally naked, turn off the light and begin to masturbate lighting up with the flashlight or flash of the cell phone so that they can see it”assured what would have been the second act of exposition of Copetti and Toledo.

The complainant woman presented a copy of the criminal case to the owner of the place and to the neighbors, to evaluate the possibility of rescinding the players’ rental contract.

The discharge of Copetti and Toledo

Toledo used Instagram to defend himself against the accusation. He said that both couples have lived in the country since March of this year and that his first cousin is Copetti’s wife. “At no time was any practice carried out that is being publicly manifested”, assured. He added that the room is on “the first floor”, and that there is no exhibitionism, but “an invasion of the intimacy and privacy of my home, my partner and me”.

He also released Copetti, “since the room object of the alleged complaint refers to the window of the room that I share with my partner, with whom I have been for almost 6 years”. And he stressed that they are at the disposal of the police, while “the invasion of private property by this neighbor will be investigated,” who will initiate legal action.

Copetti defended himself through a comment on Toledo’s publication: “I am oblivious to any accusation of those that are made publicly to me and I am going to go to Justice to investigate and I am also going to claim damages corresponding to my person”.

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