They denounce deterioration in the market of the Cristo Rey sector

Vendors in the Cristo Rey market they claimed yesterday that the Mayor of the National District, Carolina Mejíahas not given the required attention to the commercial plaza, which is why they started a work stoppage.

In the protest held in the square located in the aforementioned sector, The merchants took advantage of the presence of the media to express their dissatisfaction with Mejía, mainly due to the “bad conditions” of the place.

The president of the merchants association, Julio Villamán, indicated that the establishment is deteriorated due to the failure of the air conditioning, the elevators and the electric doors.

“We have leaks in the roof, we have had damaged air conditioning for about a year and a half, the electric doors are damaged and this building is designed to be air-conditioned,” added the president of the merchants.

He stated that prior to the demonstration they held a press conference requesting the help of the municipal official, who summoned them to her office for a meeting next Wednesday, at 11:00 in the morning, but they decided to continue with the strike in search of of “solutions”.

He also indicated that if in the meeting next wednesday They do not get answers, they would continue with the protests, and they also said that it is not just having a meeting, they want Mayor Mejía to go to the commercial plaza and witness her condition.

“The intention is for Mrs. Carolina Mejía to come and meet with us and commit to fulfilling what she promised to resolve when she was sworn in during the campaign and when she was elected,” said another of the merchants.

“He Cristo Rey market needs emergency attention, here there are leaks everywhere. We have improvised landfills that are sources of contamination and many problems such as poor sensors and air conditioning, ”he specified.

Another of the market traders also stated that the outgoing mayor had left the market in optimal conditions, so they ask that with the current mandate things remain the same way.

“The only thing that David Collado did not do was put an end to that informal market and I am sure that if he had stayed he would have done it,” said a representative of the market.

In addition, they complained that Mayor Mejía only went to the market once during the campaign and has not returned to the place.

Another of the merchants, identified as Yunior, said that the market has a capacity for 400 stalls, but there are only 74 occupied, because the others are not in a condition to be used.

However, the administrator of the square, Javier Terrero, refuted this allegation, indicating that the places are in a condition to be enabled, but they have been the merchants who have “abandoned” them.

“What I want to know, which are the disabled stalls, because when they opened the market they enabled stalls on the second floor and they left,” he declared. He also expressed that he is working hand in hand with the same merchants to resolve and that he has always shaken hands with them.

informal sellers
Among other claims, the merchants stated that they want solutions regarding informal businesses placed “at the door” of the market, which represent “unfair competition” because they do not pay taxes, which allows them to have the lowest prices.

In addition, they expressed that these informal markets generate a large amount of garbage in the surroundings, which in turn generates pollution that ends up also affecting the merchants of the square.

In addition, the vendors of the Cristo Rey market expressed that these informal markets generate a large amount of garbage in the surroundingswhich in turn generates pollution that also ends up affecting the merchants of the square.

Cristo Rey, formerly called Arroyo Salado, is one of the neighborhoods with the most sports clubs, schools and churches, and some 60 community organizations.

the beginning
The neighborhood was a farm belonging to the family of the dictator Rafael Trujillo, and after his execution, it began to be occupied by people from other parts of the country.

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