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They demand compliance with an international agreement in Qatar due to the arrest of Manuel Guerrero

Manuel Guerrero

The government of Qatar is part of international agreements that stipulate that sexual diversity will not be criminalized. Therefore there is no reason to arrest the Mexican Manuel Guerrero, he said wood wool Vanesa Rojas, member of the Manuel Guerrero collective.

“They have signed agreements such as the Civil Covenant for Human Rights, which says that homosexuality is not a crime,” Rojas explained.

On February 4, Guerrero was arrested after leaving his home while planning a meeting with a person he met through the Grindr application.

He was contacted by Qatari police officers who created a fake profile and deceived the young man, who works as a project manager at the airline Qatar Airways.

In addition, the police planted drugs on him, which is why he is also being investigated.

After his arrest, Guerrero was held incommunicado for three days.

Last Tuesday, Rojas attended a meeting with State Department authorities where the agency committed to ensuring the detainee’s integrity and freedom.

A hearing is scheduled for March 13 where Guerrero’s defense hopes to advance his release.

The best scenario for the Mexican would be deportation, which would eventually allow him to return to his country.

Yesterday, the group handling his case reported that, thanks to pressure, Guerrero was able to access the HIV medication he had at home.

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