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They create an artificial intelligence capable of predicting a person’s death in the next four years

They create an artificial intelligence capable of predicting a person's death in the next four years

An artificial intelligence called “life2vec” is trying predict whether we will die in the next four years. The model, developed by a team of researchers at the Technical University of Denmark, is able to predict with 78% accuracy whether a person will die during this period.

The study is based on a database from more than six million people. Between 2008 and 2016, this group of researchers analyzed data on education, employment or medical reports, and personality traits. The results were obtained four years later, more precisely in 2020, when the success rate was confirmed.

Professor Adolfo Sanz de Diego explains that this model came to “show us this”. Artificial intelligence is improving every day“, being able to “predict death.” It also explains what constitutes the “deep learning” system that made this study possible, which is based on “a filtering system adapted to the circumstances of each person’s life.”

“Our framework enables researchers to discover Possible mechanisms affecting life outcomesas well as the associated possibilities for personalized interventions,” the researchers add in the article published in the journal “Nature”.

This study focuses on the population of between 35 and 65 years, which is statistically the hardest thing to predict, when they will die. One of the keys is that the data is not used in numerical form, but rather that this deep learning system filters and adapts the data to the unique circumstances of each citizen it analyzes.

The researchers defend that it can be used for this Medicine, health or for preventive treatmentsThis makes it possible to identify common risks and intervene earlier. Now there is an ethical debate about whether we would be willing to know how much time we have left to live.

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