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They celebrate this Thursday the Award Gala of the best drivers of 2021

Celebran este jueves Gala de Premiación de los mejores pilotos de 2021

The Dominican Automobile Federation will hold the award ceremony for the Dominican drivers who were champions in the National Automobile Championship, in its different disciplines karting, circuit, drift, esports and regularity rally in all its categories.

The event will take place at the Dominican Sports Hall of Fame, this Thursday, February 24, 2022 at 6:00 pm, where the Dominican drivers who participated in the 2021 National Automobile Championship will meet, as well as the sports community that integrates the sport of motorsport. Members of the press who consistently support our sport have also been called.

The president of the FDA, Adriano Abreu Sued, reiterates the federation’s commitment to continue developing the sport of motor racing, and honors through this act the great effort made by the drivers and sponsors during the past year.

In this celebration of the sport of motorsport, outstanding drivers in both local and international categories will also be awarded, and pilots with great careers will be inducted into the Hall of Fame of Motorsports Sports, thus recognizing their contribution and legacy to the sport of speed.

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