They carry out preventive police proximity in Cienfuegos

With the support of clubs, sports and community leaders, the National Police held the meeting called “Sports Police Proximity” at the San Lorenzo club in the Cienfuegos sector, where future activities were coordinated in favor of children, adolescents and young people from Santiago de The Knights .

Colonel Jacobo Mateo Moquete, Sports Commander of the institution, said that the “Sports Police Proximity” is a feeling of Major General Eduardo Alberto Then, so that sports leaders, athletes and people from the neighborhoods know the police of each sector because it is with them that they interact daily.

Within his talk, he formally introduced Major Érico Bidó, police commander of the area where the San Lorenzo club is located, who spoke extensively with the athletes as well as Major Oliver Fernández, who lives in the sector.

“The Police gain a lot from this type of action, because the children begin to see it differently,” said Marcos Álvarez and Iván Paulino, both leaders of the San Lorenzo Club where the activity took place.

The act was blessed by Father Javier Báez, who praised the initiative of Major General Alberto Then, to lead the uniform based on approaching the population with the best way, sports.

Mateo Moquete told representatives of more than 15 leagues and clubs there that both in the San Lorenzo club and others in Cienfuegos, the general director of the institution of order ordered that orientation talks be given by the Women’s Attention directorates and Domestic Violence as well as Anti-Gangs and that, in each of them, the National Drug Council will be invited so that youth receive a complete message of prevention and guidance.

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Coordination began immediately to carry out sports activities such as 3×3 basketball, vitilla, baseball, volleyball, among others, where the National Directorate for Drug Control (DNCD) will also participate.


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