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They call on Mexico to defend the Venezuelan crossing

    Pedro Urruchurtu, international affairs coordinator for the South American country's opposition candidate, María Corina Machado.

Because of its ideological interests, Mexico must play a crucial role in realizing democracy in Venezuela, said Pedro Urruchurtu, international affairs coordinator for the South American country’s opposition candidate María Corina Machado.

For Mexico, a peaceful and democratic solution in Venezuela is satisfactory in its own interest. This is not only because of his closeness to the Venezuelan regime, but also to make it clear to him that his best option is to pave ways for this to happen and for those who think otherwise to feel like they are targeting Democrats of the world in Mexico,” he said in an interview wood wool.

In August 2021, negotiations took place in Mexico City leading to the Barbados Agreement, which establishes the creation of electoral guarantees for this year’s presidential elections, for which there is still no date.

These are universal principles that Mexico has committed to in the past,” Urruchurtu added.

Speaking via video call, the member of the Vente Venezuela party added that Colombia and Brazil, like our country, can help ensure a competitive process “before the situation gets worse.”

“With the understanding that beyond the ideological question, it is about democracy, human rights, the stability of the region and an opportunity for political change in Venezuela,” emphasized the Liberal Network of America, who is also the coordinator of the political parties. Latin (RELIAL).

This is the panorama that faces the opposition, represented by the candidate María Corina Machado, within the framework of the Grand National Alliance platform.

What strategy have you currently pursued as a bloc to resist the Chavismo offensive?

We are in the middle of a new repressive wave that is part of the new leadership that Venezuela and the opposition have since María Corina’s victory in the primaries on October 22 last year. Anything that awoke at a time when the country was virtually resigned lifted spirits and spirits.

The victory was achieved on October 22nd and marked an awakening of society, and the regime obviously understood that this is very dangerous for them, because it is the first time that the opposition has such an explicitly legitimized leadership.

What has drawn the most attention is the pattern of enforced disappearances that we as a campaign command have been experiencing since January 23 and 24 days ago. We are missing four colleagues, three regional campaign managers and regional leaders.

What violations have been reported?

It is a very dangerous pattern, a pattern that violates all human rights protection and due process regulations, and it is an alarming situation, namely these human rights violations that illustrate or even reinforce this logic of committing crimes against the Humanity through the regime.

What are they demanding from the international community?

It will likely be the last great chance in a long time to have a competitive electoral process that allows us to achieve political change through democratic and electoral means, even if the regime will insist on pursuing a violent path.

We must exploit it, and the international community must also exploit it on issues such as the simple expectation of political change. If political change does not materialize, migration will continue to increase and Latin America will directly suffer the greatest migration consequences in its history. , a product of the Venezuelan crisis.

We ask you to express your condemnation of the repression, your commitment to human rights and your rapid action against all these abuses, which unfortunately seem to be far from over, and all the more so when the international community does not give any clarity to this action red line set by the regime. .


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