They assure that Banco Santander forced Ferrari to sign Carlos Sainz

A great controversy has been generated regarding the Madrid pilot

Santander Bank It is one of the greats sponsors of the team ferrariwhere they compete Carlos Sainz and Charlie Leclerc. In the current season, they are the dominators of the Formula 1, but there are certain doubts regarding the future of one of its two pilots. And it is that the Madrilenian is not having the performance what is expected

Let us remember that despite the fact that the Spaniard is in fifth position in the standings, he is far behind his teammate. He has one of the best cars on the grid, but he is not determining at all. Furthermore, the situation is comparable with the case of hamilton Y bootswhere the Finn proved to be up to the British.

goal Carlos Sainz
Sainz’s performance at Ferrari has not been the best

Specialists assure that Banco Santander was a direct influence for the signing of Carlos Sainz by Ferrari

In this way, there has been some controversy regarding Banco Santander and Ferrari, since the signing of Carlos Sainz would have some interests. Even the sports theme is left aside, moving to purely economic plans. This without a doubt has left a tremendous controversy in the competition.

Some specialists in Formula 1 have assured that the role of the bank for the sponsorship of Ferrari forced them to have a Spanish driver and the name of Carlos Sainz was chosen. Having several possibilities on the grid and even in their academies, they ended up signing a driver with conditions, but with a performance that can be questioned.

Being the son of Carlos Sainz would also have played in favor of the 27-year-old pilot

Another factor that has also been taken into account with respect to the Madrid driver is the fact that he is the son of Carlos Sainz, which has given him a name in the world of motorsports. Due to this type of eventuality, the name of Ferrari’s number 2 has been called into question.

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In this way it is that thanks to the sponsorship of Banco Santander it is that the step from Carlos Sainz to Ferrari would have been given. Although this season the Spaniard has been close to Charles Leclerc, there is no point of comparison due to the victories and podiums of the Monegasque. Time will tell if the Maranello team made the best decision with the signing of the former McLaren.

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