Entrepreneurs in the electricity sector brought together in the associations of Electrical Suppliers (ASUME) and the National Association of Electrical Entrepreneurs (ASONELEC) demanded greater support from the competent authorities through policies and measures that contemplate the potential of their capacities to satisfy the market. electrical goods and services.

They also urged to review the tax exemption policies for this sectoral activity in search of integrating regulations that counteract the competitive inequity that the ITBS exemption translates into them.

In the opinion of ASUME and ASONELEC, it is imperative to discontinue a series of practices that are harmful to the industry, including the contracting of goods and services from foreign companies by the public and private sectors without investigating the response capacities of the national market, as well as such as the exemption from paying taxes on renewable energy projects and investments in works in the hotel sector.

Serious consequences
“In essence, what it is about is that using the mechanisms stipulated in laws 57-07 on Incentives for the Development of Renewable Energy Sources and 158-01 on Promotion of Tourism Development (Confotur), they import 100% of goods without paying the corresponding ITBS taxes”, emphasized Douglas Hasbún, president of ASUME, and Iván Cabral de Lemos, president of ASONELEC.

This has created serious consequences for national companies, stated Douglas Hasbún.


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