Home World They ask that rice be excluded from the Free Trade Agreement

They ask that rice be excluded from the Free Trade Agreement

Piden que arroz sea excluido del Tratado de Libre Comercio

Deputy Jose Rafael Hernandez introduced a draft resolution to exclude rice from the Free Trade Agreement (DR-Cafta)

As explained by the legislator, during his presentation in the Chamber of Deputies, in the Dominican Republic there is an average consumption of almost 13 million quintals of white rice per year and a production volume of around 14 million quintals.

In that sense, he indicated that the Dominican Republic is the only one of the countries that is part of the treaty that is self-sufficient in this regard.

“In this draft resolution we recommend and request the President of the Republic to mediate before the Agricultural Review Commission of the Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA), by virtue of the powers conferred by Article 3.18 of said treaty, so that rice and milk, if possible, be excluded from it, given how sensitive and what this product represents for the security and food sovereignty of the country ”, he argued.


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