They ask for care for sick indigenous people in the search


“We energetically ask the National Government for special attention to indigenous compañeros who are sick due to accidents that occurred in the jungle,” said Dairo Mucutuy, uncle of the children and brother of the mother who died in the plane crash, reading a statement from the family in Bogota.

The man assured that these people suffer from malaria and “other diseases typical of the jungle.”

accident and rescue

The brothers Lesly Jacobombaire Mucutuy (13 years old), Soleiny Jacobombaire Mucutuy (9 years old), Tien Noriel Ranoque Mucutuy (5 years old) and Cristin Neriman Ranoque Mucutuy (1 year old) have been at the Central Military Hospital (HMC) in Bogotá since last Saturday. , to which they were transferred after their rescue on Friday, and are evolving favorably, although they continue to be at “high risk due to their nutritional deficit,” according to the latest medical report.

The four brothers were found on Friday in the depths of the jungle, between the departments of Caquetá and Guaviare. Where they were searched without rest for weeks by about 200 soldiers. Among them commandos of the Army Special Forces and indigenous people from the area, all integrated into “Operation Hope”.

Dairo Gabriel Kumaritere, one of the indigenous people who participated in the rescue operation for the children rescued in the Guaviare jungle, speaks during a press conference today in Bogotá (Colombia).  BLAZETRENDS/Carlos Ortega
Dairo Gabriel Kumaritere, one of the indigenous people who participated in the rescue operation for the children rescued in the Guaviare jungle. BLAZETRENDS/Carlos Ortega

After the rescue, they were transferred by helicopter of the Colombian Air Force (FAC) to San José del Guaviare, the capital of Guaviare, where a C-295 plane configured as an ambulance picked them up and took them to Bogotá.

The plane crash occurred on May 1 when a Cessna 206 plane from the Avianline Charter’s company in which the four children were traveling along with their mother, an indigenous leader and the pilot, crashed in the Amazon jungle. In this event, the three adults died, including the mother of the children.

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help for rescuers

The children’s uncle also asked the government to recognize the “hard work” of the indigenous people who participated. And he requested their identification so that they receive some type of benefit. Well, “many of them offered their best efforts to search and after 40 days they would like to return with a consignment.”

He also made “an urgent call for an understanding of the mourning” of the family. Reason for which they will give “priority to the healing process” based on the worldview of the uioto community of which they are part.

“Thus, for the moment we consider it pertinent, among other things, to postpone any meeting or visit without our consent, until they are fully harmonized. We will take care of timely reporting the state of health, physical and mental of our boys and girls”, added the man.

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