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“They are loading football”

“They are loading football”

Elche played with ten in the last half hour of the game against Real Madrid due to the expulsion for a double yellow of Raúl Guti in the 63rd minute. The franjiverde midfielder had seen the first card in the 8th minute for a grab on Kroos to prevent the German from setting up a counter for Real Madrid. “It is a fairly fair yellow,” commented Iturralde González, referee for AS and SER, in Sports Carousel on the warning to the Aragonese player.

Another foul on Toni Kroos, this one in the 63rd minute of the match, ended the Elche player on his way to the dressing room tunnel. “It is a clear warning. It happens that the first card is that of the grab, which is very light. A professional player, having a warning cannot do this. The yellow is clear, he does not admit doubts”.

Loss of time: “They are loading football”

The attitude of Carlo Ancelotti when Rodrygo was injured in the first quarter of an hour of the match was the subject of debate on the SER antenna. The Brazilian approached the band to be treated and his coach instructed him to throw himself on the grass within the field of play and stop the game. Antonio Romero, narrator of the Real Madrid games in Carrusel lit the fuse of the debate. “This cannot be done. It is thrown in the crescent. It comes running and Ancelotti says that it is thrown in the field to lose time. And the Elche has been very sporty and has thrown the ball outside”. Next, Iturralde also gave his opinion on the matter: “Those who waste time are loading football.”

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