They are investigating the chief customs doctor who ordered the production of fentanyl lollipops

A report from the Government Accountability Project highlighted a series of questionable actions by Dr. Alexander Eastman, chief medical officer for Customs and Border Protection (CBP), in connection with the request for pallets of fentanyl for uncovered Take them on a helicopter mission to the United Nations (UN) in New York, in September 2023.

The report submitted to Congress notes that Dr. Eastman and staff from the Office of the Chief Medical Officer (OCMO) made significant efforts to obtain these pallets of fentanyl, a Schedule II narcotic, for transport in an Air and Maritime Operations helicopter operated by CBP. However, Attempts to take over failed due to a lack of available funds.

Fentanyl is a highly addictive synthetic opioid that has contributed significantly to the overdose crisiss in the United States. As a federal agency, one of CBP’s primary missions is to prevent the flow of illegal drugs, including fentanyl, across international borders into the United States.

The complaint filed by a whistleblower highlights several questionable actions by Dr. Eastman, including developing its own procurement policyStorage and Disposal of Class II Narcotics. Eastman allegedly omitted necessary language regarding the storage and disposal of narcotics and removed language that reflected existing Drug Enforcement Administration guidelines.

The whistleblower also disclosed that Eastman was the subject of previous investigations by CBP’s Office of Professional Responsibility for the improper ordering and acquisition of narcotics and the illegal storage of those narcotics. A thorough investigation of Eastman is recommended and CBP is urged to stop any authorization of controlled substance purchases by him.

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CBP has taken these allegations seriously and referred the matter to the Bureau of Professional responsibility for the review. In addition, the agency introduced new leadership and implemented significant changes to improve the quality of medical care following a review following the death of 8-year-old migrant girl Anadith Danay Reyes Álvarez in Border Patrol custody.

It is expected that the The ongoing investigation is shedding more light on these allegations and lead to appropriate corrective actions to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of CBP in the future.


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