They are holding a hearing to formalize the murder of Gonzalo Aguiar

Aguiar’s ex-partner Romina Camejo, 26, is arrested and prosecutors hope to charge her as the perpetrator of the murder.

Camejo’s attorney claims there is a history of domestic violence and points to a crime of self-defense.

Aguiar received several shots in the chest early Monday morning when he forced his way into the house where Camejo was staying (photo), as the woman told police when they arrived at the scene, a house in Mar de Coral and Mar Chiquita, Punta del Este.

According to the woman’s version, Aguiar came to the house to take her seven-month-old son and threatened her with a knife.

Camejo, who was practicing target shooting (and demonstrated this in videos posted on his social networks), used a gun that he owned. He shot Aguiar and called the police. Prosecutor Sebastián Robles has already interviewed witnesses.

Before the split, the couple lived a luxurious life with mansions and luxury cars, all of which were flaunted on social media.

One of the mansions where they lived (La Maison), in Punta del Este, was attacked in February 2023. The criminals stole several weapons that were in the house and beat the people who were in the house. The public prosecutor’s office demanded between 20 and 22 years in prison for those accused of this robbery and theft.

Aguiar was the representative of a Canadian company that set up shop in Salto in mid-2020 to produce hemp and medical cannabis.

The company closed in mid-2023 and laid off all employees, around 400.

The Canadian investors reported Aguiar for fraud and filed a criminal case in Uruguay.

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