Are the inhabitants of certain towns ineligible for the new identity card? While since last August the new format has been rolled out across the country, some citizens cannot benefit from it. The reason ? The length of the name of their municipality. As reported by several media, including LCI and BFMTV, of the inhabitants of Saint-Quentin-la-Motte-Croix-au-Bailly, in the Somme, have still not been able to recover their new national identity card. The 38 characters that make up the name of the city do not fit in the new document format.

The city councilor, who says that “five or six people” have encountered this difficulty in his town, warned the authorities. A provisional identity card was given to them, the time to find a solution to this problem. “Solutions are announced for the end of the year 2021, the beginning of 2022, and therefore at that time, the holders of a provisional card will be able to have it transformed into a definitive card by including, of course, the full name. of the municipality of residence, “says Raynald Boulenger, mayor of this municipality of 1,300 souls.

According to the calculations of Parisian, the inhabitants of 78 communes in France could run up against this problem, because the name of their city has more than 30 characters whereas the new identity card can contain only 29 of them maximum. This represents 67,400 French people, or one in 1,000. Among the municipalities concerned: Montigny-Mornay-Villeneuve-sur-Vingeanne (Côte-d’Or), Saint-Germain-de-Tallevende-la-Lande-Vaumont (Calvados) or Saint-Remy-en-Bouzemont- Saint-Genest-et-Isson. Some prefectures had foreseen the blow by deciding to opt for abbreviations.

To remedy this lack of space, a solution is on the table: “Merge the lines of the name of the town and the country”, advances in the columns of the Parisian the director of the National Agency for Secured Titles (ANTS), Anne -Gaëlle Baudouin. “Enough to increase to 49 characters. We are also preparing to reduce the size of the characters.”


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