They are calling for a strike at Amazon Spain on November 27th and 28th

The Union Workers’ Commissions (CCOO) has called for a strike in all Amazon centers in Spain the next days November 27th (on Cyber ​​Monday) and November 28thfrom “the inadequate protection of workers’ health at work“, among other salary demands, as a sign of protest because “Further acceptance of these conditions is not possible“, denounced the union in a statement.

CCOO complains about this Occupational safety issues. “There are countless complaints about the company’s failure to recognize the employment presumption of various health effects due to possible work-related causes.“, assured the Center and reiterated that “We checked this together with the labor inspectorate The accident and incident management system implemented by Amazon hides possible deficiencies in safety measures“.

Likewise about that Lack of availability of human resources to deal with the various complaintsCCOO emphasizes that “increasingly complex” and demands from them “much more time to find solutions” on errors in the recording and preparation of payrolls, ambiguities in payroll concepts, the difficulty in administering and non-issuance of authorizations to which employees are entitled, and errors in the management of vacation and working hours.

The local human resources departments of each center are increasingly lacking the resources necessary to properly carry out their tasks. In addition, the outsourcing of several of their processes has significantly impoverished and degraded the support that Amazon offers us.“, they criticize in the letter.

They also claim Improvements in salariesthat take into account “insufficient” about the responsibilities and requirements of the position. At this point CCOO states: “Amazon pays the minimum wage of the sector in each province for the majority of our population, which is “not a right or fair decision”.“. “Although the company offers us improvements, it in no way compensates for what it asks of us on a daily basis“, claims the union, reminding the company that “The regulations provide for the minimum working conditions“, But, “Amazon requires us to give the maximum, not the minimum“.

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The trade union organization reports that it has submitted the documents to the Mediation service (SIMA) and calls on Amazon management to negotiate to end the strike.

Amazon Spain is not the only one on strike

The Black Friday and holiday seasons are typically challenging for brands, not only because of increased parcel and work volumes, but also because unions often use these times to stage strikes. Even a company like Amazon is not exempt from this situation.

The UK GMB Union has also announced that it will continue the strike at the Amazon logistics warehouse in Coventry, which it has been involved in for 28 days over low wages. In addition, workers are organizing for a demonstration.

Amanda Gearing, GMB trade union organisationhas stated in the statement that “This Black Friday will be the biggest day of industrial disruption in Amazon’s thirty-year history«. “As a union representing thousands of Amazon workers, we cannot, in good faith, continue to stand by and watch our members find themselves in insecure jobs and persistent poverty wages.” he explained, agreeing in many ways with the strike organized in the Spanish Amazon.

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