They approve sanctions and embargoes against armed groups

The UN Security Council unanimously approved yesterday Friday the imposition of sanctions on armed groups in Haiti that control large areas of the country, including important infrastructure and communication routes.

The fifteen members of the council, including Russia and China, who had previously shown their reservations, supported the resolution that was drafted by the United States and Mexico to try to curb the violence and try to help the Government to recover the situation at a time when The country is experiencing a cholera outbreak.

“We seek above all to support Haiti in its struggle to establish peaceful coexistence and democratic governance,” said the representative of Mexico, Juan Ramón de la Fuente, who praised the inclusion of an arms embargo in the resolution.

Government thanks

Haiti’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Antonio Rodrigue, thanked the Security Council countries this Friday for imposing economic sanctions and an arms embargo on non-governmental armed groups operating in the country, although he stressed that more is needed measures to restore security.

“There is no doubt that these measures will contribute to putting an end to the violent and deadly activities of these armed groups in the country, which are causing numerous victims and massive displacement of the population,” Rodrigue said.

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