These zoos allowed their residents to celebrate Halloween this year

Humans weren’t the only ones celebrating Halloween this October 31 in the world. In Belgium and the Czech Republic, two zoos have planned surprises for their residents to celebrate the event.

The Antwerp zoo thus offered some of its animals carved pumpkins, reports the HuffPost. The fruits, placed in the enclosure of lions, buffaloes, hippos, rhinos or even chimpanzees, contained treats for some. The historic Belgian zoo accommodates more than 5,000 animals.

A different meal for the occasion

In Dvur Kralove nad Labem (Czech Republic), the zoo had a similar idea. The elephants, meerkats and chimpanzees in the safari park were treated to pumpkins too. The spokesperson for the zoo explained that it was a question of both diversifying the diet of certain animals while providing them with something to have fun.

Carnivore pumpkins typically contained meat, while herbivores ate the Halloween pumpkin directly. Elephants, for example, could be observed, crushing the fruit on the ground before swallowing large pieces.

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