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These were the heroic maneuvers of a pilot on September 11th who avoided crashing into the planes that hit the Twin Towers

These were the heroic maneuvers of a pilot on September 11th who avoided crashing into the planes that hit the Twin Towers

22 years ago today, September 11, 2023, the United States suffered The largest terrorist attack in the country’s history with almost 3,000 deaths because of the Islamist group Al-Qaeda. Today everyone remembers the calls from the pilots who flew the planes asking for help. Two hit them Twin Towers in New York, another in Pentagon and the fourth in Pennsylvania.

In these moments, There was a commercial flight in the air that thanks to the fast pilot maneuvers They were able to avoid collision with the hijacked planes they encountered. This story is not very well known in Spain. But every year on September 11th, people in the United States continue to commemorate this anonymous hero who prevented the deaths of dozens of people.

This is how the TWA pilot prevented further deaths on September 11th

At the same moment that the first plane hit the North Tower in Lower Manhattan, a TWA (Trans World Airlines) commercial plane took off from New York’s JFK Airport. Once in the air, almost collided with United 175, the second plane that later crashed into the Twin Towers. To avoid this, the pilot had to take quick and “evasive measures.”

Well, after avoiding the United 175 accident, seeand also crossed with Flight 93, the fourth hijacked plane that ultimately crashed in Pennsylvania. But avoiding the crash wasn’t the only thing the TWA company pilot had to avoid. Well, before they crashed, when their paths crossed in the air, Flight 93 changed course and began pursuing them in the sky. A passenger later told us this: “Our flight lagged behind Flight 93 and turned towards us after the hijacking.”

The famous pilot who prevented the deaths of dozens of passengers went down in history as George. However, he was never publicly commemorated, nor was he even identified. Therefore, they refer to him from the United States as ‘secret hero’: “He saved our lives without a doubt.”said a retired lieutenant named Charlie Hubbard, who was a passenger on the flight.

However, that wasn’t all. While the pilot tried to avoid the hijacked planes, they received first-hand information about what was happening. Thus The flight attendants also had to react quickly and block the cabin doors. with the food carts in case kidnappers were on board. The pilot was also prepared armed with an axe in case someone tries to take control of the control cabin.

Finally, The flight was able to make an emergency landing in Dayton, Ohio. When landing, the passengers were informed about the incident as no one had told them anything before in order to avoid major damage. This is what the retired lieutenant said when he found out: “After landing in Dayton, we discovered the reason for our dramatic mid-air maneuver. Our pilot avoided a mid-air collision with Flight 93, the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania that day”.

A brave performance This will be remembered by all the passengers on board and their families every day of their lives.

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