These two bachelor celebs were in love with Hema Malini. Then why did she become the bride of “Tara Singh’s father”?

The whole world was convinced of her beauty. Her acting performance won everyone’s hearts so much that the world started calling her “Dream Girl”. However, the same dream girl fell in love with the man who was the father of four children and became the bride of the father of “Tara Singh” from Gadar.

Please tell that actor Sanjeev Kumar liked Hema Malini very much. Sanjeev Kumar enlisted the support of actor Jitendra to say his heart to Dream Girl. Jitendra had also conveyed Sanjeev’s message to Hema, but Dream Girl broke Sanjeev Kumar’s heart in one fell swoop because she had no feelings for Sanjeev Kumar.

Hema Malini rejected Sanjeev Kumar but fell in love with Jitendra who came with her message. It is said that Hema and Jitendra expressed their love for each other while filming the movie “Dulhan,” after which preparations for their marriage also began. Notably, during the same period, Dharmendra also tried to make Hema Malini his dream girl. Their love blossomed so much that Hema flatly refused to marry Jitendra.

The affair between Hema Malini and Dharmendra lasted a long time but they had to fight hard to get to marriage. In fact, Dharmendra was already married and the father of four children. In such a situation, Hema’s parents were not ready for this marriage. However, Hema and Dharmendra loved each other so much that they would not listen to anyone. When religion got in the way of their relationship, they embraced Islam and made each other theirs forever.

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